Customized Solar Carport services for solar solutions

If you have a large area dedicated to parking vehicles, a solar carport may be a great way to increase the value of that space. By doing so, you are simultaneously offering shade to the vehicles parked underneath and generating clean and affordable solar energy.

Unlike a ground-mount plant, the solar panel carport utilizes existing land to increase its value rather than requiring a separate piece of land
Similar to ground-mounted installations, solar carports are elevated in order to accommodate a vehicle – whether it is a two-wheeler, four-wheeler, or even a bus or truck.
Apart from being able to generate electricity, solar carports offer the benefit of providing shade to vehicles parked under them

How are solar carports built?

Today, many carport solutions are ‘modular’, however, at Uneecops, each project is bespoke, tailored to the client’s needs and energy requirements; no one size fits all at Uneecops. We offer the most advanced, innovative energy solutions to provide you with solar carports that seamlessly blend into your current property to ensure you have something you can be proud to display.


Electricity costs are reduced substantially
Compliance with requirements for green building certification
Taking a step forward towards sustainability
Solar carports are more visible to visitors and employees than rooftop systems, in turn contributing to an appreciation of the environment
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