Solar Rooftop Solutions

Uneecops Solar is one of the leading solar rooftop companies in India offering customized solar rooftop solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Our Rooftop Solar systems are used by some of the biggest names in the country.

Solar Panels

Why choose solar rooftop?

Hedge against rising energy costs
Pay once (for installation) & use it foreverche
Long term energy security
Save a small fortune over the years
Super-low maintenance
Gain total energy independence
Reduce your carbon footprint
Operates even during cloudy weather
Solar Rooftop Solution

Different types of Solar Rooftops

Solar Panels

On-Grid System

On-Grid Systems are solar systems that generate power using solar panels. The excess power supply is diverted to the grid in the event of an overproduction. The power generated can be credited for later use. For safety reasons, the power will only work when connected to the grid.

Solar Panels

Off-Grid System

Off-Grid solar systems are systems with rooftop solar installations that improve sustainable lifestyles. Off-grid solar systems require a battery storage system. They are a much more economical option than using power lines in remote areas.

Solar Panels

Hybrid System

The hybrid solar plant combines both on-grid and off-grid systems. Solar energy is stored in batteries when the grid is available through the hybrid solar inverter. When the solar power is excess, it is transferred to the grid. The surplus solar energy will help you reduce your electricity bill.

Solar Panel

OPEX Model

In the OPEX model, Uneecops takes care of the installation of solar plants and the customer provides the required roof space. The customer pays the solar company on a unit basis for solar energy generated. As a result, the customer pays very little for solar electricity compared to what he pays to the utility grid.

Solar Panels


In this model, the consumer makes the entire investment. Consumers usually hire solar EPC companies who install the solar power systems which are then given to the consumer. An operation and maintenance contract (O&M) is negotiated per year at a mutually agreed upon cost.


Solar Rooftops for different puposes

Through the use of un-utilized rooftop space, solar energy can provide a good return on investment, reduce your maintenance, and have a positive impact on the environment. Our state-of-the-art solutions put us on top among industrial solar rooftop solutions. Reducing your electricity bills is one of the benefits of investing in our industrial rooftop solution. We’ve helped industrial, commercial, and institutional clients install customized rooftop solar power systems, reducing their carbon footprint while making fiscal sense.

Our Recent Commercial & Industrial Projects


Uneecops has already partnered with many institutions in implementing solar energy systems in order to meet their power needs. Additionally, solar systems give schools & colleges the opportunity to teach students the value of sustainable solar power and conservation of the environment.

Our Recent Institutions Projects


Our company has been leading the way towards sustainable energy solutions in India, deploying rooftop solar solutions that save money while protecting the environment. We provide solar rooftops for homes so you can save and earn from that unused space.

Our Recent Residential Projects

Solar Rooftop

Salient Features

The rise in demand for electricity leads to an increase in electricity costs, which leads to an increase in electricity bills. Solar rooftop solutions result in great savings while protecting the environment.

MPPT based technology
Optimized and Low maintenance system
High efficiency inverters capable of supplying load directly (in the day time) without storing in the batteries all the time.
Smart electronics to effectively manage usage of solar power based on load requirements.
High quality modules warranted for 25 Years
Provide stable and reliable power increases overall efficiency of electronic components.

How does it work?

With a rooftop solar plant at your home, you can save up to 90% on your electricity bills
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