Are You On The Hunt For A Net Metering Consultant?

Through Solar Net Metering, we give customers control over their electric bills


What Is Net Metering?

Net metering is a billing system for calculating and generating credits for surplus solar energy exported to the grid. We provide all assistance required for getting a net meter system installed on the site so that our clients receive credits.

How Net Metering Works

During daylight hours, a rooftop solar system can often generate more electricity than you use.When the homeowner opts for net metering, they are only charged for the “net” energy they consume each month, i.e. the difference between the solar energy generated and the electricity they consume over the billing period.

With net-metered houses and offices, you’ll see the meter running backward, and depending on your local policies, you may get a credit for using the grid during non-sunny times or at night.

You are then only billed for your “net” energy consumption, and any excess energy generated is put back into the system for your neighbors to use.

Solar Rooftop

Are You Ready To Save Big By Going Solar?


Clients With Existing Net Metering Services

Net metering is a billing mechanism used to calculate and generate credits for surplus solar energy that is exported to the grid. We provide complete assistance for getting the net meter system installed at the site so that client starts getting credits.

Dyal Singh College – 100 kWp
Panchshila club – 80 kWp
Panchshila School – 10 kWp
Indian Statistical institute – 40 kWp
Rukmani Devi Jaipuria School – 50 kWp
Akshaya Patra Foundation, Vrindavan – 130 kWp
Akshaya Patra Foundation, Lucknow – 45 kWp
Delhi Public Library, Delhi – 75 kWp
New Delhi Municipal Council – 1.4 MWp
Reserve Bank Of India – 10 kWp
Van Vigyan Bhawan – 10 kWp

Are You Ready To Save Big By Going Solar?